Airbrush history from The Airbrush Museum Airbrush history from The Airbrush Museum featuring Paasche, Wold, Walkup, Iwata, Aerograph, Badger,  and  more! Paasche, Wold, Walkup, Iwata, Aerograph, Badger
1885 air brush from Liberty Walkup and his Air Brush Mfg. Co.

The Collection...

     As of January 2005 there are 375 airbrushes in the collection. (Number 100, a Wold A2N,  was donated by Neal Green, owner of Carter Sexton Art Supplies in No. Hollywood, Ca. A milestone!) They range from the oldest (shown above) to current day models. We have airbrushes by Paasche, Wold, Bass, Badger, Kodak, Ideal, Aztek, Thayer & Chandler, Iwata, Olympos, Richpen, Sears, Crayola, Miller, and several handmade, one of a kind examples.The collection also has a vast array of airbrush related literature and items.

  Below are links to pages containing pictures of some of the airbrushes in the collection.

Air Brush Mfg. Co.  - The first airbrush, made by Liberty Walkup.

Burdick Airbrush - An odd airbrush by Charles Burdick

1897 Wold/T & C Airbrush - An innovative Thayer & Chandler airbrush designed by O.C. Wold.

Foot powered air pump made by Thayer & Chandler
"The Ideal" airbrush of 1894, a very unique design!

Paasche AB's -  The famous "turbo", a descendant of the original Walkup design.

Paasche M & V - Internal mix airbrushes.

Paasche D, F, H - External mix airbrushes.

Paasche Industrial - Early "Air Brushes/spray guns"
Odds & Ends  - Oddball airbrushes that are different.

Airbrush History...

An Airbrush History Timeline. - Important dates in the history of the airbrush.

The Inventors - Abner Peeler & Liberty Walkup, the inventor and the promoter. They're relationship brought about the first airbrush and it's success.

The Inside Story - Mr. Burdick, meet Mr. Bernoulli. The "internal mix" airbrush is born.

The Chicago Gang - An Englishman and three Norwegians redefine the airbrush.

Part 1 - Thayer & Chandler make Chicago the airbrush capital of the world.

Part 2 - Olaus "O. C." Wold starts out on his own.

Part 3 - Jens Paasche opens the Paasche Airbrush Co. in Chicago and becomes the most recognizable name in airbrush history.

Airbrush Literature  - Excerpts from various ads and old catalogs
Rainbow Spray  - The quest for an airbrush that will spray the rainbow!
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