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This site is dedicated to the memory of S. Paul Lindau, my original mentor, for getting me started in animals, nature, photography, retouching, and airbrushing. Most of the knowledge in the history section came from him, filtered by memory and time. He started out as a photographer, retoucher and went on to do some of the cinematography seen in the early Disney nature films. In his spare time he was an electrical engineer at Western Precipitation, specializing in environmental dust & particulate removal from industrial emissions.
"Thanks" with love to you Paul...


  • To Joe "Coach" Uribe, my high school advertising art teacher for teaching me to think "out there, out of the box" and for turning me on to Lord Buckley, Ken Nordine, and the 50's hip cats & poets back in the "dark ages."

  • Natalie Grubbs and her husband, formerly of Paasche, for putting up with "the guy who collects airbrushes" since the 60's.

  • Von Dutch for letting  me hang around his shop when I was a teenager

  • Special thanks to Karen Colebourne at the new Wold Airbrush Ltd, in New Zealand for her help. GOOD LUCK!

  • Neal Green of Carter-Sexton Art Supplies, who helped put the serious collecting bee in my bonnet and for all the great info!

  • Harry Daniels for letting me endlessly rummage through the old parts.

  • The great folks at Thayer & Chandler (now part of Badger Air-Brush Co.) for answering all of my endless questions and sending special old parts through the years.

  • The folks that used to be The Wold Airbrush Co. for the odd parts they used to send me.

  • "Lord Richard Buckley" for the ongoing inspiration.


  • Andy Penaluna's scan of Liberty Walkup's 1891 airbrush magazine, Air Brush Journal put out by Walkup's Air Brush Mfg. Co. A fascinating resource. Thanks!

  • History of the Airbrush site at Kishwaukee College, Illinois.

  • Natalie Grubbs of Paasche for all the sources and info she's given me.

  • Karen Colebourne at the new Wold Airbrush Ltd, for her input. Thanks

  • To Bill at Binks Mfg. Co. for the historical information.

  • To anybody I've talked to or books I've read through the years and can't remember where I got some little tidbit, THANK YOU!

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