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Lord Buckley classic hipsemanic tale of Jesus.
An homage to Lord Buckley.
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by Lord Buckley

"What are you doing?"
"I don't know"
"Will you take those lions off the front of the boat?"
"I can't move them now, the weather's intolerable."
"I don't care what the weather is! Take those lions off the front of the boat and take them off immediately! Good God man, lets have some heart in you! Will you please, have some heart."
"All right." 
"I'm trying to run this expedition in a decent manner. I'm in here in the cabin trying to make out my accounts and to keep myself in a sane stage of mind. Now will you kindly take those lions off the front of the boat. They're in heat and the wind is coming this way!"

From "Lord Buckley In Concert" recorded live at the Ivar Theatre, Hollywood, California, Feb 12, 1959. - World Pacific Records/#1815 - Transcribed by Bob Merlin

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